The Big Book of Professional Development

BigBookofProDev_3DFor some of us, life is a wonderful experience, full of personal and professional success. We have the career we’ve always dreamed of and eagerly look forward to Monday mornings.

For most of us however, this isn’t the case. We feel as though we’re stuck in a rut and try as we may, can’t seem to make a significant breakthrough into the life we really want for ourselves.
If this sounds like you, then this book is for you!

Developing personally and professionally happens around four key areas:

• Physical – my physical body and my health.

• Emotional – my emotions and ability to control them.

• Intellectual – what I know and how I grow my knowledge.

• Spiritual – how I take care of my inward health.
All four are important. Without the balance of the four, there will always be a sense of a missing component.

The authors of this book are experts in one or more of these four areas and share their secrets to success. Their stories are your stories. They experienced feelings of dissatisfaction with the status quo, but they took the steps to break through and will share their secrets with you.

Without action on your part, your situation will remain the same. Use the techniques in this book to achieve a full and satisfying life.

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