The Big Book of Management


It’s been used as a noun and as a verb. Usually it’s that group of people who come up with new and unpopular policies (“Cell phone use is prohibited in this area…Management”). It’s parodied and scoffed at on television shows. Most of the time, managers are depicted as brown-nosing morons who mindlessly create and get caught up in bureaucracy.



We beg to disagree!

As a coalition of management and organizational development experts, we’ve spent our lives coaching and consulting with managers in all types and sizes of organizations. Our lessons learned and lessons taught are the focus of this book. We believe that management is a sacred role and, properly done, results in the greatest level of efficiency.

In this compilation of essays and strategies, you’ll learn:

  • How to make better decisions
  • Strategies to develop a cohesive culture
  • Ways to leverage different personalities
  • Indicators of decreasing engagement
  • Tools to leverage diversity and inclusion
  • Management secrets of NFL coaching legends
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • Processes to increase employee engagement
  • Easy ways to implement a LEAN culture
  • Ways to take care of your most valuable assets: your employees

Management development is a journey. Use this book as your roadmap to get the most out of your people and develop the knowledge and skills to be an awesome boss!

$15.00 + S/H