Mack is very dynamic and keeps the audience interested, thinking, engaged, and involved.

Julie W.
Canoga Park, CA


Mack is a phenomenal story-teller and all his stories enhanced the learning experience.

Francois M.
St. Hubert, QC Canada


Superb!  A great communicator with a wealth of personal experience to draw upon!

Angie T.
Avon, CT


Fantastic – very watchable and engaging speaker – thanks!

Christina C.
Loughborough, UK


I have been to many seminars and training.  Mack is an exceptional, outstanding teacher.  I can relate to his examples & easily understand the training.  He’s not just a presenter, he’s a true teacher & coach!

Jeff C.
Los Angeles, CA


Mack is an excellent speaker who gives clear explanation of terms, use examples to help us understand, and also answer questions to help us apply the methodologies.

Grace X.
Shanghai, China




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