mack-munro-founder-and-ceolinkedaDS1_1629linkedaDS1_1629“Tennessee”  Mack Munro is Founder and CEO of MACK Worldwide and is an experienced speaker, consultant, and coach who has worked with executive and management teams in companies of all types, sizes, and industries in the USA and abroad. He is the author of How to Fix a Poor Performer (and turn them into a superstar)

He holds a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management from Southern Illinois University He is a qualified facilitator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and has also written and developed a number of personality and behavioral assessments and online tools.

Mack’s background is primarily in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consulting, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management, and Marketing. His typical clients come from these areas.

Prior to starting his company, Mack created training and professional development programs at U.T. Medical Group, Inc. in Memphis, TN, Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, and Contract Services Association of America in Arlington, VA. Mack has been an adjunct Professor of Business and Management at Vincennes University in Bremerton, WA and Crichton College in Memphis, TN. He a retired United States Navy dental technician who served tours in Australia, Guam, Long Beach, California, and Bremerton, Washington.

Mack’s clients include Pratt & Whitney, UTC Research, Pitney Bowes, Munters Corporation, Connecticut Online Computer Center, Bridgestone, CU Direct, numerous Federal agencies, and all 4 branches of the United States Military.

In addition to his latest book on employee development, Mack is also the author of: Coach Munro’s Big Book of Leadership:  How to Get People to Follow You, Coach Munro’s Job Seeker Survival Guide:  How to Find a Job in Any Economy, Coach Munro’s Big Book of Management: Tools and Techniques Every Manager Needs in Their Toolbox, The New Rules of Engagement: How to Keep Your Superstars Loyal to You, Mission Possible: How to Find a Job in a Tough Economy, The Greatest Boss Who Ever Lived: Management Lessons from the Life and Work of Jesus Christ, Marketing Yourself for Your Dream Job: How to Get the Job and Career You’ve Always Wanted, Endeavor to Persevere: 10 Steps to Create Breakthrough in Your Personal and Professional Life, 12 Simple (but not simplistic) Principles Every Manager Needs to Know, From Cave to Cubicle: A Practical Guide to Organizational Behavior, and Podium Paranoia: Transforming Fear Into Knockout Presentation.  He has been featured as a career expert on radio, television, and printed and electronic media, including a monthly column in Men’s Fitness magazine.

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